Pilot with Impagro Solutions

Agsmartic, in collaboration with Impagro Farming Solutions, has started a pilot in Khamariya Nimawar, Sultanpur, at Madhya Pradesh. The pilot was started in April 2019 and is being conducted for a period of 12 months.

During this period, Agsmartic will implement the Autonomous Irrigation System and Health Analyzer to understand the efficacy of the overall Croplytics® ecosystem. The pilot covers an area of 5 acres, and 7 crops which includes Tomatoes, Chilies, Musk Melon, Bottle Gourd, Watermelon, Sponge Gourd and Egg Plant.

Multiple Croplytics® Sensors and Valves are installed in the field. Sensors capture soil moisture and temperature of the soil while the Smart Valves control the drip irrigation that was previously installed on the field.

The Croplytics® App allows the farmer to monitor the soil status and environmental condition and helps in controlling the irrigation.

Crop Stress
Crop Stress

Following KPIs are monitored:

  • Hours of Irrigation
  • Average Soil Moisture/day
  • Crop Stress
  • Water Stress
  • Water and Energy Saving
  • Yield improvement