Data Driven Agriculture

Crop Analytics

Croplytics® integrates sensor data and satellite imagery to translate data into actionable information for agribusinesses. It deploys the soil sensors on ground, uses satellites data, collects weather data, calculates ET and thereby build a model to provide agronomists and farmers with timely and large-scale diagnostics on crop issues. The solution thus allows farmers to substantially improve yield efficiency and reduce their usage of fertilisers and chemicals. It reduces the wastage of water as well.

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Internet of Things

IoT plays an important role in agriculture which can feed 9.6 billion people on the Earth by 2050. Croplytics® monitors crop-field using wireless sensors which collects soil moisture and temperature to automate the irrigation system.

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Pest Detection

Agsmartic brings an autonomous systems that provides early pest detection without any human intervention. Computer Vision and AI based system helps identify pests and provides early warning to the Farmers.

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Data Driven Agriculture

Our AI based system, Croplytics® provides cutting-edge technology solution by implementing smart irrigation solution in agriculture. It is an Artificial Intelligence based technique, which collects data from various sources and technologies such as Internet-of-Things (smart sensors), multi-spectral remote sensing, Evapotranspiration, vegetation indices(NDVI, EVI, NDWI), water depth, cropping pattern and micro-weather data to arrive at accurate irrigation scheduling. These methods have its own pros and cons, however, in combination they have capability to reach 90-95% accuracy for scheduling farm irrigation. Our sensor devices, developed in-house, are capable of providing a multi-level soil-moisture assessment. These can be inserted into the farming field, in vertical position. They capture moisture data and dielectric constant of soil to provide accurate real-time insights of water requirements of crops. These sensors are capacity based, wireless, fully waterproof, and insensitive to salinity of water, thereby, shall not corrode over time, and capture even small variation in water content. Post installation of the sensors, the farmers can also regulate irrigation with the help of the features available in our Croplytics®App.

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Do you want to know your farm conditions? Want to get alerts on crop diseases? Why wait when croplytics is there. Just download, register and start adding your farms and let us help you in happy farming.

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